I have attended Meet & Greets and have heard worrisome things that tell me we need change in River Forest. Some issues are in print for all to see. The make-up of commissions is in the hands of one person, the board president, giving her a great deal of power to pick those she knows. River Forest should not be operating in this closed-group way. It is bad practice. I have also heard that Cathy Adduci “gets things done,” as though Patty Henek would not get things done. 

I have witnessed Cathy getting things done at the expense of making sure they were done well, i.e. the Affordable Housing Plan. Admitting the plan could have been stronger, Cathy wanted it done, regardless. Adopting a weak plan is bad practice, not good government. 

Patty does her homework, thinks things thoroughly through, and will expect same from those to whom we entrust our village. She will get things done well.

No other trustee candidate comes close to Johann Buis’ creative thinking and passion. He does not accept things that are, just because they have always been that way. He values long-range planning to address environmental issues like flooding and the danger of the Metra rail running through River Forest. He has the exciting idea of a “make-over” for River Forest so that we are an attraction in our own right, not an afterthought to Oak Park. His energy and ideas are invigorating.

Patty and Johann get my vote and I hope they get yours.

Phyllis Rubin, River Forest

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