I have known Chibuike Enyia and his family for three years. Our sons are close friends and can often be found playing basketball together. Chibuike and his wife, Mandy, created a sort of community center in their backyard. Children from all over the neighborhood congregate to shoot hoops and hang out. The Enyias have a way of making every kid who comes by part of their family. One of the treasures of Oak Park is the way we raise our children together as a community. Supporting each other as parents and our kids having trusted adults nearby when they need them. Chibuike and Mandy exemplify this value of community care.

As a parent and homeowner in Oak Park, I want Chibuike Enyia to represent me on the village board. He knows what it is to send your children to the public schools. He invests in a home and pays taxes to ensure Oak Park continues to thrive. He cares about the messages we send our kids, the behavior we model for them, and the opportunities we provide them. Chibuike is not only a father and homeowner but he was also a child in Oak Park. Growing up here, he knows how special this community is and he cares enough to make it even better, for his kids and ours.

The last few years have been difficult for all of us, some more than others. One of the many lessons I learned is if I value diversity, I need to fight for inclusion and equity. Chibuike is one of the people I can count on to have an honest conversation about what needs to change and how to do it. He never shies away from difficult and uncomfortable subjects but rather, addresses them with confidence and ease. He is a skilled communicator who knows how to listen, challenge and encourage. Oak Park needs Chibuike Enyia on our village board, now more than ever.

Deanna Pacelli, Oak Park

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