We are writing to express our support for Sarah Eckmann, District 90 Board of Education Candidate. As a nurse, a mom, and a person truly committed to social justice and equity, she has many great qualities. We want to focus on her empathy and commitment to teachers.

All of us currently have, or have had, kids in D90 schools. Sarah herself is a product of those schools. And while no district is perfect, D90’s public schools are a true bright spot in the community and the state. We all appreciate the work done by the administrators, staff, and current BOE, especially this year, but it’s the teachers who make D90 what it is. The teachers teach well to a range of different learners, and find ways to adapt the curriculum to fit each child. Their work has been vital to each us and to our kids.

During the last year, all teachers at all levels were challenged like never before. D90 teachers had to pivot lesson plans with little notice at times, and had to find ways to connect with students in hybrid, remote, and other modes. Sadly, the teachers bore the brunt of a lot of parental frustration. Campaigns, plans for parades, letters to the board, and cruel comments on social media became all too common in River Forest. 

While all of this may have stemmed from concern, the teachers suffered. Now that we are moving toward a safer environment and kids are returning to school, it is time to show teachers they are valued, help them heal, and let them continue to inspire our students.

Sarah has taught nursing as an adjunct professor and throughout this past year has worked with — rather than against — the teachers. She volunteered to vaccinate teachers and community members to make River Forest safer. And if elected to the school board, we know she will bring that empathy and dedication to her role. 

For the teachers, please support Sarah Eckmann.

Sonia Green, Wanessa Vovola, Alishia Myrick, Danielle Hanken, River Forest

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