I have known Dave Schrodt since 2016 and I am honored to offer my support of his candidacy for the District 200 school board.

Dave has performed Pro Bono legal work for Beyond Hunger, www.gobeyondhunger.org (formerly the Oak Park-River Forest Food Pantry) for the last several years. His contributions have been thoughtful but also accomplished speedily, which was essential, given the community-critical nature of the mission of this agency. He performed this work, then as now, with an eye toward equity for our clients.

He has also served as a legal advisor (again, Pro Bono) for Music and Potlucks (www.musicandpotlucks.org). His efforts were instrumental in the recent change of status of this 4-year-old community agency to a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation.

As a board member of both Beyond Hunger and Music and Potlucks, I am deeply indebted to Dave for his insights and hard work in the furtherance of the mission and work of these agencies. He and his family are also benefactors of both agencies.

Dave is a deep thinker. He brings his professional training as both a CPA and a lawyer to bear as well as his lifelong study of progressive causes. He does not make snap decisions; he seeks counsel from multiple sources, even those on the opposite side of issues. His final viewpoints are informed by careful listening and a respect for a broad bandwidth of viewpoints.

I urge you to join me in supporting David Schrodt for the 2021 District 200 school board.

Betsy Backes, River Forest

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