Good leadership involves not just seeing what is in front of you, but also what is around the corner. We believe that Cate Readling has this ability. One look at her policy positions on her website,, and you will find she has the depth of knowledge about Oak Park and how “we” operate to make an effective village president. Her ideas about how to make the village budget more accessible through transparency and broad participation is just one example of her goal to get more residents involved in the budget process and government.

She has spent the last several years on a listening tour of Oak Park. She understands where we have been and where we are as a village. She has a vision for where we can go and how we can get there. 

These are unique and challenging times in our village. Leadership must offer creative and innovative solutions to tackle issues post-COVID. Her stance on open and transparent government recognizes that we all have a voice in shaping the future of Oak Park. Though viewpoints may be similar or disparate, she is well reasoned and has the ability to listen and hear the thoughts and ideas of others. Moreover, she can knit these ideas together and synthesize realizable solutions. 

Cate has demonstrated that she can stand on her own, take on difficult issues and make measured intelligent decisions. Sitting at the board table can be challenging if the members cannot find it within themselves to be open to collaboration. She has worked on several issues in Oak Park that demonstrate her ability to lead and work for the common good.

Listening to her at various forums has convinced us that she has the temperament and humility to work cooperatively with others across the political ideological spectrum. As one friend said after a recent forum, Cate offers leadership with vision versus implementation of the same.

Glenn Brewer & Karen Haskins-Brewer, Oak Park

Michelle & Austin Harton, Oak Park

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