In the aftermath of the 2008 Des Plaines River flood that devastated the west Lake Street area, Johann Buis and I were appointed to the River Forest Flood Task Force. We both lived in this neighborhood and had firsthand knowledge of the impact that the flood had on our families, neighbors and property. 

Over a period of months, the task force met with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and studied numerous flood-related topics with a goal of finding solutions to minimize future overland flooding, underground seepage, and sewer back-ups that might result in significant flooding in residents’ homes.

During the task force meetings, I was impressed with Johann’s ability to absorb and instantly process new information outside of his area of expertise. He brought his skills as a college professor to bear, presenting complex issues in accessible language which advanced our discussions and deliberations. He was as comfortable discussing a neighbor’s basic needs as he was talking about a proposed $4 million Lake Street pumping station. Johann was creative in identifying solutions to mitigate the impact of future flooding and steadfast in advocating on behalf of neighbors for village assistance to acquire sump pumps and related equipment.

Based on this direct experience, I believe he would be a great village board trustee who will listen carefully to the issues and offer thoughtful insight. He will be a steady voice and offer sound judgment, even in the midst of issues fraught with tension. With his creativity, he will see solutions others may miss and will offer an independent and constructive voice during deliberations. 

I am confident in Johann’s community focus and am thrilled to endorse him for Village Trustee. Please join me in voting for him on April 6.

Dan Cekander, River Forest

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