If you’ve been paying attention to the River Forest Park District news the last five years, much of the board’s attention has been focused on platform tennis. Over the last 18 months, however, almost all of their attention has focused on platform tennis. Since 2013, the park district has built four platform tennis courts at a cost of over $750,000. Now three of the current board members, who are also platform tennis members, want to spend another $1.5 million to build two more platform tennis courts and a members-only paddle hut (bar?). One of these three platform tennis members is running for re-election in April.

The 2020 Park District Community Survey overwhelmingly supported the initiative of building a gymnasium and definitively opposed the construction of more platform tennis courts and a paddle hut/bar. The three platform tennis board members are ignoring the community survey results and focusing all the park district’s time and money toward more platform tennis courts and a paddle hut. These three are also discussing issuing taxpayer funded debt to finance their project.

Voting for Mike Grant and Carl Bade is the only way to move the park district back to serving all residents and not a select few. Mike and Carl support following the community’s wishes and the 2020 Community Survey:

1. Support reaching out to all stakeholder groups to maximize park district resources

2. Support greater transparency

3. Oppose issuing any debt without community support

A vote for Mike Grant (#1 on the ballot) and Carl Bade (#3 on the ballot) to the River Forest Park District Board is a vote for the entire community.

Diane Carroll, River Forest

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