Students at Saint Angela School (before COVID)

What does it mean to be a Saint Angela Scholar? It means you have over a hundred years of tradition and education supporting you. We are a stronghold in the Austin community. A family that is always loving and supportive.

The current pandemic has been hard on all of us. A quick transition to remote learning left us feeling a little helpless, but we came together, as families do, and fought hard to prevail. Staff, donors and families pitched in, without hesitation. Remote learning was unheard of before this; we simply lacked the resources. Luckily, creative thinking and donations allowed us to continue the school year remotely and even open our doors for in-school learners this fall!

COVID is still with us. Our school day looks different right now because of our stringent safety protocols, but we are proud to have our doors open. Even as we strive to keep all of our scholars safe, however, we have many families feeling the effects of COVID in their home life and community. To assist these families staying in school and staying safe, we have created a special COVID fund.

Our scholars always know that We Are Saint Angela School and We Are Family! To find out more about our family and to make a donation visit us at

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