As soil remediation continues at the southwest corner of Lake and Lathrop, focus has shifted to updating the electrical and communication utilities in the village and for the new development.

The electrical service that supplied the previous commercial buildings at Lake and Lathrop traveled by overhead power lines. After demolishing the buildings, the service lines remained running overhead through the property. These lines interfered with the new development and required relocation. ComEd, along with developer, and the Village of River Forest worked to accommodate the extensive electrical service relocation. It was a project that had to be performed sensitively as these lines provided active power to the entire block, serving commercial businesses and village residents.

To begin, ComEd investigated their underground power grid and identified existing, unused conduit running to the site. Rather than disrupt the community with construction to lay new conduit, ComEd decided to activate the existing infrastructure and repair portions of the conduit to meet modern safety standards. Additionally, three new utility poles were necessary for power redistribution throughout the block. To service the new poles ComEd had to design new boring routes underground. The redesign also included implementing a power switch-over that would bring separate power to the neighboring property, 7625 Lake Street. The switch-over required two new additional utility poles and as well as a new boring route under Ashland Avenue. The planning, design, and repair work took several months during the early part of 2020.

In the midst of the conduit repair and pole location changes, however, ComEd faced another challenge – COVID-19. With shelter-in-place implemented in March, crews were limited due to the virus. Many local and development projects were deprioritized to address electrical needs in the city. When ComEd crews finally ramped back up on-site in late summer, Hurricane Laura hit the coast of Louisiana, causing major power outages in the Southern region. In coordination with a national effort, ComEd sent over 100 crews to help restore power to Louisiana residents. This act of service, unfortunately, pushed back many Chicagoland projects that were scheduled for completion, including Lake and Lathrop. By November, though, ComEd completed the power relocation and switch-over work, finalizing the power redistribution to the entire block.

Like ComEd, Comcast and AT&T will remove their existing overhead lines and re-route them underground by boring underneath Lathrop Street into the development site. The newly-abandoned utility poles will be removed from the site prior to excavation.

The Lake and Lathrop development attracts both local residents looking to downsize as well as newcomers interested in joining the River Forest community. Each condominium delivers two car parking, private elevator access, a chef-quality kitchen and ten-foot ceilings. The homes have unmatched access to the outdoors, providing residents with private outdoor space that rivals that of a single-family home, without any of the maintenance. A large, covered terrace runs the length of the combined living and dining room. Second floor homeowners enjoy an additional 1,000 square feet of south-facing terrace and penthouse homeowners benefit from larger indoor living spaces and access to private rooftop terraces.

Corwin Partners at Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty is leading the sales and marketing efforts. Pre-construction pricing is available from $699,900 to $1,474,900. Call 312-335-5354 or visit to schedule your private appointment or virtual presentation.

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