According to a survey of parents at OPRF High School, 66 percent are ready (were ready?) to send their students back to the classroom at least on some sort of hybrid basis. 

Based in part on that survey, the school’s administration readied a new plan for hybrid learning to the school board later this week, according to Supt. Joylyn Pruitt-Adams. Pretty much simultaneously the school announced its teaching would remain fully remote at least through Nov. 24 when the school breaks for Thanksgiving. 

And here we have the conundrum of COVID. Everyone wants normal or some step toward normal. We all want to claim some level of control. And yet the virus, abetted by our growing sloppy response, says “no” to normal.

So we have two school districts which have formed supersized committees of parents and staff to help influence next steps toward reopening. At the same moment, we have COVID spiking in our community and across this nation — which makes this no time to rely on a massive committee to render judgment on this moving pandemic target.

Instead we need superintendents and school boards to make the nimble choices, the humble choices that focus fully on the health of our students and our teachers. 

COVID-19 will be beaten. But not until there is a vaccine in wide use to knock it down.

In the meanwhile, this miserable and impossible year will run its course. We will find a middle path back for our schools. But first patience, with a side order of understandable frustration.

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