Fenwick High School took a pause from in-person, hybrid learning late last month, according to Fenwick President Fr. Richard Peddicord. The decision comes as COVID-19 cases increase in suburban Cook County, including Oak Park.

“On October 29 and 30, Fenwick took a two-day pause from in-person, hybrid learning to assess and better understand the rise of COVID-19 cases in and around the school community and how it potentially affects the health and well-being of our students, families, faculty, staff and their families,” Peddicord said in a statement the Oak Park school released earlier this week. 

Fenwick is at 505 Washington Blvd. in Oak Park.

“After significant consideration, Fenwick announced that remote learning will continue through this week (November 2-6),” Peddicord said. “At this time, we expect in-school learning to resume on Tuesday, November 10, after the Veterans’ Day holiday.”

Peddicord said that there will “no athletic practices or competitions, no rehearsals or theater practices, no club or other in-person activities,” until Nov. 10.

Peddicord said that “to our knowledge, no COVID-19 cases have been transmitted at Fenwick.”

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