In addition to practicing social distancing, staff and owners at George’s Family Restaurant, 145 S. Oak Park Ave., have made interior modifications in preparation for winter indoor dining.

Tempered glass barriers have been installed between all booths offering patrons and staff members increased protection from COVID-19 while in the restaurant. Built on top of the back of booths, the glass dividers go to a height of six feet.

“The restaurant still feels wide open, but people are still protected.” said Saki Konstantos, son of owner George Konstantos.

Rather than rely on temporary plexiglass, the durability of easy-to-clean glass appealed to owners as a long-term solution to an ongoing problem. The dividers are permanent and allow for visibility through the restaurant. They increase safety while preserving the community feel diners like George’s are known for cultivating.

“This represents a substantial investment for us, but we are trying to survive,” said Saki Konstantos, “We can use all our booths and still keep everyone safe. This is social distancing plus more.”

George’s outdoor dining area is set to come down at the end of the month and Konstantos is hopeful the indoor improvements will minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant’s bottom line by reducing customers’ fear level. 

 It was a decision designed to help the family business survive the winter.

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