Taco twist:

Zacatacos, 6212 W. Cermak Rd., serves up a non-traditional papa taco that flies low under the radar on a menu boasting many Mexican favorites. An indulgent bite, the papa taco is filled with fluffy mashed potatoes before being deep fried to a crisp golden brown. Topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese, the crave-worthy parcel is like eating a comforting hug.

Wings vs Dogs:

Folks in the know clamor for Ronnie Lottz’s unique take on BBQ — just don’t ask fans to choose between the Tijuana street dog or smoked wings. Both dishes offer a carnival of flavor and Cigars and Stripes BBQ Lounge, 6715 Ogden Ave, serves both under a vintage back lot tent from the Ringling Brothers Circus.

The hand-cut wings are dry-rubbed, smoked, and grilled before serving. The resulting wings are sublime and need little more than a squeeze of lime, but Lottz has several signature sauces available for those looking to douse their wings.

The Tijuana dog features a smoked, bacon-wrapped, all-beef hot dog served on a flour tortilla topped with cheese, onions, pico de gallo and a grilled serrano pepper to put some spice in your life.  What may seem like a mishmash of ingredients comes together in a bold and harmonious bite.

Margaritas to-go

Berwynites have grown to appreciate Lalo’s Margaritas and now the mainstay restaurant at 3011 S. Harlem Ave.  is offering “margs to go.” Available in three sizes, the cocktail is designed to bring the Lalo’s restaurant experience to the comfort of your own home.

“Whether you choose their classic lime or real fruit selections such as Mango or Strawberry, your weekend suddenly looks that much better,” said manager, Daniel Castañeda.

Hyped up rolls

People should believe the hype behind the Italian beef eggrolls served at Lavergne’s Tavern, 6546 Windsor Ave. — the appetizer has a near cult-like following for good reason. Brimming with beef, giardiniera, and cheese, these crispy rolls are sliced on an extreme bias and served with au jus for dipping. Grab a napkin and indulge!

Satisfying soup

Ms. Laura Guerrero, mother of six and owner of Tacos y Salsa, 6346 W 26th St, honors her ancestors by preparing her family’s traditional home-style recipes, including an array of soups and stews.  

“As soon as the weather starts getting cold soups start flying out of here,” said cook Victor Franco “The Caldo de Cameron is made fresh every day.”

A single bowl of this deceptively complex and highly satisfying soup includes a dozen shrimp. Special spices like bay leaves and oregano help elevate the warming tomato-based soup, while a garnish tray filled with onion, cilantro, avocado and lime allow diners to customize their meal.

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