When Beyond Hunger transitioned weekly food distribution outside to help minimize risks associated with COVID-19, we started pre-packing boxes of groceries for quick delivery. Drive-thru visitors now get boxes loaded right into their cars, and home delivery clients get boxes safely delivered to their doorstep.

For 40 years Beyond Hunger has focused on providing hunger relief with dignity. And throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to make sure that each box contains quantities of fresh, nutritious food. We’ve packed them with care, helping make an immediate impact for hungry families, but also thinking about their future.

Because we know hunger is often the result of systemic inequities, long-term food security depends on more than simply providing groceries in a crisis. The groceries are absolutely necessary. But, connecting people to ongoing support helps in the long run. So, each box includes information on how Beyond Hunger can assist with SNAP and medical benefits.

In June, Thomas, a client, told our team how grateful he was to be able to come pick up food. Because of a recent job loss, he was paying out of pocket for his medication. He just didn’t have enough in his budget to cover groceries for his family too. He connected with Amanda, our Social Services Coordinator, to help find a solution. Overjoyed by the help, Thomas remarked, “It’s a blessing…they don’t just give you food. They make sure you have medical benefits. There are all of these extras!”

Visit GoBeyondHunger.org/HungerActionMonth. Have fun while advocating to end hunger in our communities this September during Hunger Action Month.

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