A chart prepared by D97 administrators showing the breakdown of permanent substitutes by school. The board voted to hire the additional substitutes last month in preparation for the upcoming school year. | Courtesy District 97

In anticipation of a high number of teacher absences during the 2020-21 school year, the District 97 school board recently approved the hiring of 26 permanent substitutes, which would cost a total of $851,760, administrators said. 

The board unanimously approved the hiring at a regular meeting on July 14. The substitute teachers will be compensated for 182 days at $180 a day, which is the pay rate for long-term substitutes, said Gina Herrmann, D97’s HR director, at last month’s meeting. 

In a July 14 board memo, Herrmann said the cost would be “significantly offset by the cost we would pay for daily or long-term substitutes we would have to hire if we did not have permanent substitutes in place.” 

Hermann said the district was taking the step of hiring the permanent substitutes “in order to be proactive and to avoid a disconnect in learning for our students.” 

During the regular meeting, board member Holly Spurlock asked administrators if the 26 permanent substitutes were enough. She also wanted to know how the district arrived at the total. 

“The number was determined based on students per building and I looked back at the sub rate per days to determine how many,” Herrmann said. “I feel this is a fair amount coming forward … Could we use more? We’d love more, but I think we start here now.”

In her board memo, Herrmann said the permanent substitute teachers “would attend all teacher institutes and remote planning days. They will be trained for delivery of instruction in a blended and remote learning environment and prepared to immediately cover for an educator in the event of illness. If a permanent substitute is not needed for a day, they will support teachers with small group instruction.” 

Herrmann said the role of permanent substitute teachers will be reviewed annually and approved before each school year by the board. 

District administrators have observed a substitute teacher shortage for the last four years, administrators said. Day-to-day substitutes are paid $110 a day. Herrmann said that the administration recommended “a high rate of pay” for permanent substitute teachers “due to the demand as many districts are employing permanent substitutes.” 

At a special meeting on July 22, D97 Supt. Carol Kelley announced that, after initially planning to return to classes twice a week in the fall, administrators changed course and decided to start the fall with students learning remotely.

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