Richard Borsch

Richard Borsch, longtime Fenwick college counselor, administrator and educator, died on June 14. “All of us at Fenwick High School thank God for the life and legacy of Rich Borsch and we pray for his family and friends,” said President Richard Peddicord, O.P., including Karen, his wife, and his daughter Yvette Rowe, who works in the Student Services Department at Fenwick.

“Rich’s dedication to the Fenwick community and his commitment to the flourishing of our young men and women will serve in perpetuity as a model to be emulated,” Fr. Peddicord added.

He spent 52 years at Fenwick High School, where he started as an English teacher in 1968. For 48 years, he served as Fenwick’s college counselor and for 41 years as the freshman football team’s head coach (through the 2015 season). A graduate of Leo High School in Chicago, he earned his B.A. in English and history from DePaul University and an M.A. in counseling and psychological services from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

“The loss of Rich Borsch is an incredibly painful one for our community,” said Principal Peter Groom. “Rich served Fenwick tirelessly for over five decades. His connections in the college counseling community and his knowledge of the process and people cannot be replaced. In 2010, a group of young, green administrators took lead roles in our school. Rich Borsch was the seasoned veteran that provided wisdom and insight when needed to get us all through a difficult time. He is already dearly missed.”


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