On Sunday, River Forest President Cathy Adduci was exactly where she needed to be: marching with other nearby mayors and officials in a protest that started in Bellwood, continued through Maywood, passed through River Forest and ended in Forest Park. 

“This is about unity and solidarity with our neighbors and friends, and to show respect and dignity to this movement,” she told our reporter. “River Forest does not tolerate hate,” she added, aspirationally. And in a moment of clarity: “We’re trying to work through our bigotry and racism. As we work with our neighbors and friends, I’m hopeful that River Forest is embracing this movement and knows how important it is.”

Acknowledging that all but sainted white people need to work through bigotry and racism is exactly right. We are hopeful that this extraordinary moment is allowing white people to finally be open to accepting the role we have played historically and today in undermining our country’s potential.

Thank you, President Adduci.

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