Oak Park police arrested a man with an AR-15 after a traffic stop on Harlem Avenue and Randolph Street in Oak Park around 5:11 p.m. on May 28.

According to Forest Park Police Chief Tom Aftanas, Oak Park dispatch received notification of a person with a possible rifle who had gotten into a white van with “J.C.” and a hammer logo on the side.

Coincidentally, a Forest Park police officer happened to see a white van with “J.C. Painting” at that moment and was about to pull it over on Harlem Avenue when Oak Park police found the van with the hammer logo.

The van was stopped by Oak Park police around Harlem Avenue and Randolph Street in Oak Park, and officers demanded that the man put his hands out the window. Instead, he made a phone call. Two Oak Park officers approached the van and saw he had an AR-15 next to him. A Forest Park police officer approached the other window.

The man, who refused to cooperate, was tazered and the gun taken by the Oak Park police officers while Forest Park officers removed the man from the car.

An AR-15 was recovered along with what looked like a tan-colored rifle but appears to be an airsoft (replica gun for practice) rifle.

The man appeared to be intoxicated.

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