It’s going to be weird. The Oak Park Farmers Market will open on May 30 in its COVID-modified form. And for that we are grateful. Fresh food. Connection to essential farmers. And donuts.

Beyond that we imagine this modified market is going to be a weekly reminder of how fully jolted from a contented normal this pandemic has driven us. Pre-orders placed on an app and picked up by car in the Pilgrim Church parking lot. No more touching the produce on the one-way pedestrian traffic pattern that will allow us to visit farmers’ stands. There’ll be no more circling back for better-looking blueberries. Half the fun of the market is the circling back looking for both plumper corn and more people to talk to.

It’s more than nostalgia we’re talking about here. It is actual diminishment of our shared lives. And that hurts.

We will make it through this. Doesn’t mean we have to like it.

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