Walgreens in River Forest, 7251 Lake St., closed temporarily on April 30 for a deep cleaning due to an employee of the store possibly being infected with COVID-19. The store has since reopened.

According to Molly Sheehan, senior manager of corporate media relations, Walgreens was notified that a team member of the store was being evaluated for COVID-19. As a result, the store was temporarily closed by Walgreens to clean and disinfect the premises.

“When notified of a confirmed or presumed positive COVID-19 case, we take actions meeting or exceeding recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, public health officials and other credible sources while following federal, state and local health advisories,” said Sheehan in an email. “Our clinical and safety teams work closely with our field and store leadership to respond accordingly, which may include identifying and contacting individuals who may be at risk in order to self-quarantine or self-monitor their health, as well as cleaning and disinfecting the location or impacted areas of the store. Cleanings may require temporarily closing a store.”

The store reopened in the evening of April 30.

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