Even amidst this virus pandemic, there is so much hope and health available. Let’s choose it. 

We have effective approaches and probable solutions for the coronavirus now. There are evidence-based and effective ways that do support the immune system and our whole health. Better yet, these approaches can prevent us from getting sick. 

Other than washing our hands and avoiding contact, the current medical model doesn’t seem to offer us these natural, effective and affordable options. Why are we so attached to this limited medical model when there is another effective health-care system that is available to all of us now? 

This other medical system is called by several names: the Holistic Medical System, Functional Medicine, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. When combined with the current allopathic medical system it becomes the Integrative Healthcare System where we can choose the best approach for treatment as well as prevention. 

Nature offers us important support for health on all levels of body, mind, spirit and energy. We always look to root causes of conditions and ways to support the body to get what it needs to heal. 

The face of American medicine changed with the Flexner Report of 1910 by Carnegie and Rockefeller. They wanted to standardize medicine as well as eliminate natural medical physician competition, and they succeeded. But do we need only one kind of medical system? We are a diverse population comprising more than biochemical machines. 

Our modern medical system has done some extraordinary things. Yet it falls short so many times. I’m suggesting that this is one of those times. Since you own your body and your choices, you may wish to explore peer-reviewed, evidence-based research on natural approaches to health at GreenMedInfo.com as one place to begin. 

Some effective and common-sense approaches for health and immune system strengthening:

A primary focus can be to support and improve our microbiome which represents up to 80 percent of our immune system. The healthful “critters” in our gut are essential for a strong immune system. By eating cultured, probiotic foods such as real sauerkraut (no distilled vinegar in the ingredients, just water, salt, veggies, spices), Kimchi, real yogurt, kombucha, miso, raw cheese, real salami and other traditional and ethnic fermented foods, you increase your “inner army” in a delicious, cost-effective way every day.

Shift your fear to a consciousness of love, hope, compassion and empowerment. This is mind-emotions-soul work. Breathe. Meditate. Pray. Envision the healing of this crisis. This creates healthful chemicals to help you. Also know that a fearful people can be easily controlled. 

Managing stress is vital. There are easy ways to get out of the sympathetic “fight-flight” part of our nervous system and get to the parasympathetic tone of “rest, relax, repair, restore, digest” mode. This is the healing mode of our autonomic nervous system. Explore the HeartMath’s Quick Coherence Technique for a one-minute effective meditation to reduce stress and anxiety.

Get quality and quantity sleep, to restore and repair. 

Eat nutrient-dense foods while eliminating the chemicals, excess sugars, junk and fake fats. 

Move your body in fun and safe ways.

There is an array of effective, researched nutrients, herbs, supplements and natural antibiotics for immune system support. Let’s demand research funding now to find those that are effective with this virus.   

Any virus not only has a physicality; it has a frequency. What counter-frequency will disable it? There are many types of frequency-generating machines that can do this effectively, easily and cheaply for the masses. In order to do this, we enter the fullness of science, the realm of energy physics, biophysics and a new health-care paradigm. 

Humor helps. Find some favorite sitcoms or YouTube clips to watch. Our brains are a magnificent pharmacy, and we easily generate helpful chemicals to enhance our biochemistry and immune systems.

This virus and its huge impact on our lives and economy can crack open people’s minds to an integrative approach to life and health. We can be a healthier population, with all of our health issues, at a lower cost and greater access. This is true health-care reform. 

With a “mini-bow” to each other, let’s choose this transformation together.

Gina Orlando, MA, is a holistic health educator, consultant and coach who lives in Oak Park. She does not prescribe, diagnose or treat, but helps inspire people to choose an integrative model of health care.

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