It has been a wrenching week at Fenwick High School as the longtime head football coach made a rapid exit on the eve of the team’s appearance in the first round of the IHSA Class 5A playoffs. It is a credit to the players and the interim head coach Titcus Pettigrew that they remained focused enough to knock off Payton College Prep. 

We appreciate Fenwick leaders who recognized that an initial vague statement Friday was inadequate. They came back Saturday with a more forthcoming and more troubling statement that connected Nudo’s resignation to his decision in 2016 to allow an old coaching assistant with a 1990s conviction for aggravated criminal sexual abuse to attend some practices and work the sidelines in late-season games.

Fenwick’s statement that it “has no evidence of any wrongdoing by the person Coach Nudo brought in while he was at Fenwick,” is hardly reassuring in a Catholic institution. 

We credit Fenwick for acting quickly. But serious questions remain about why it took another school’s investigation of this individual to get this on Fenwick’s radar. 

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