You run for a seat on the school board and assume you’ll cast votes on curriculum and teacher contracts and bond issues. That we have now reached the place where our two local public elementary schools need to cast an annual vote aimed at keeping Springfield from making it optional for local school districts to provide firearm training for teachers and staff is simply an affirmation of the deep hole we are in as a nation.

The very idea that the best way to keep our children safe from gun violence is to arm their teachers is repugnant. It suggests that the U.S. has lost the fortitude, the good sense to actively pass gun safety measures that are the most certain route to protect our kids. 

So we were glad to see last week that the school board at District 90 River Forest schools agreed to send one of its members to the coming Illinois Association of School Boards meeting next month to oppose this grotesque idea. The Oak Park District 97 school board was set to take up the issue Tuesday after our press time. Considering the D97 board opposed the same measure a year ago, we are certain it will take a similar position.

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