Dementia Friendly Oak Park: River Forest has led the way on this important initiative. Village President Cathy Adduci has championed the cause, recognizing that dementia is not always understood, too often hidden away by families, and, in the life of a small town, seen entirely as a private matter. Truth is that dementia, in all its extended, often brutal forms, frequently intersects with public policy. Whether it is policing, health services, or integration into public spaces, those of us with dementia and caring for those with dementia need to be welcomed, understood and respected.

Now Oak Park is stepping up with its own effort in this national process of recognizing and supporting the needs of our neighbors. Positive and necessary step.

St. Luke pride: Our churches, temples and mosques are the places we gather across generations in celebration, sorrow and contemplation. But they can become worn. And so when a congregation of believers chooses the time for restoration and undertakes the hard work of raising capital — and sometimes the harder work of sharing a vision for that renewal — it is a moment for all of us to note.

Last weekend, parishioners at St. Luke in River Forest gathered once again in their church home, all new, exactly as always.

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