At 16, Linda Berger moved out of her childhood home in Cicero and began supporting herself through a wide-ranging succession of jobs.

After 18 years of a marriage that looked great on the outside, she trusted her inner voice and filed for a divorce.

Nearing her mid-50s as a real estate coach and trainer, she went to college to obtain her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Along the way, the Oak Park woman built a solid career spanning 30 years of sales, management, investment, and entrepreneurial experience. All of the success—and all of the struggle—has been instrumental in who she has become today: a sought-after business coach and business growth strategist.

As the founder of Business Women Warriors, Berger empowers women to formulate ambitious plans and implement the strategies that are essential in achieving them. The linchpin, she says, is developing a mindset that casts out doubt, negativity and other self-sabotaging thoughts.

“Negativity occupies far too much real estate in our minds,” says Berger. “Women are especially experienced in toxic self-talk. Too many are on a rollercoaster journey of focused inspiration that goes off the rails because of doubts and distractions that creep in.”

“So,” she adds, “when I coach others, it’s from a place of having struggled myself. I love walking women through the practical steps toward greater success, to what I call ‘owning their seat at the table.'”

Clients describe Linda as an extraordinary listener with a knack for boiling down the myriad details of their lives, identifying the greatest opportunities for growth, and then equipping them with the tools they need for growth.

Longtime healthcare executive Marcia Colone credits Berger with being “attentive and supportive” in helping get her career “unstuck.”

“Given that I’m an alpha,” recalls Colone, “she knew when to step in and call my bluff.” Through changes that Berger facilitated, Colone became a vice president at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Jen Mitchell, a family attorney and owner of Oak Park-based Solace Divorce Mediation, says Berger helped provide clarity on the niche Mitchell has carved out.

“Linda is truly gifted in her craft,” Mitchell notes. “After 10 years in my practice, I am finally very clear on how I will make my mark. Linda put forth tremendous energy to help me put the pieces together to achieve my business goals.” 

A pivotal breakthrough for her clients, says Berger, is when they embrace, rather than fear, the reality that they “don’t know what they don’t know.”

“That’s OK,” Berger explains. “I help them to open up to the ways in which people or circumstances will show up and fill in those missing pieces.”

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