Fall is a great time to rethink your fitness goals, and the Park District of Oak Park makes it easier than ever to add fitness to your life, on your terms. Newly-tailored class times and the Park District’s easy, flexible pricing make this the right time to try the wide variety of classes taught by their top-notch instructors.

Fitness Supervisor Genevieve Garcia says the Park District listened to its participants when forming its schedule of classes. “We have a lot of early morning classes that start at 5:45 and
6 a.m., as well as evening classes, that are popular with commuters who work a 9 to 5 schedule.”

Noting that more people are working from home, or looking for classes after school drop-off hours, the Park District also offers a variety of 9 a.m. classes that allow parents to get a workout in while their children are in school.

As always, the Park District strives to provide a wide variety of classes so there is something for everyone, no matter your workout style or experience level. Looking for a class to soothe sore muscles? Look no further than the Dynamic Stretching and Foam Rolling class. More interested in developing a practice to soothe your soul? Try Gentle Yoga for a slow-paced, nurturing yoga practice.

Nia is a fun mix of martial arts, yoga and dance fitness. Barre Fitness combines elements of Pilates and ballet to strengthen your body with dance techniques. If you’re looking for high intensity and cardio, the ever-popular Les Mills BODYPUMP™ will deliver.

The Park District makes access to classes easy and affordable, no enrollment fees or contract necessary. Single classes cost $12, and a ten-class pass is only $85. An unlimited monthly pass is available for $45. Garcia says the simple pricing structure appeals to people with busy schedules. 

“You might want to supplement your marathon training with a yoga or stretching class. If you’re really into biking, you might want to add cycling classes inside for the winter months. It is easy to join for the short term but we know you will love it and want to keep coming back!”

The wide-variety of class offerings and the ease of scheduling through the MINDBODY app make it easy to find what you need at the Park District, and Garcia emphasizes that the high-quality teaching is what keeps the Park District patrons loyal.

“Our teachers are phenomenal. Their energy and enthusiasm is what connects with the students. We have formed a real community at the Park District around bringing fun back into fitness.”

To learn more and explore the options available visit www.pdop.org/fitness.

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