The Oak Park Board of Trustees unanimously approved a liquor license for a new wine shop and tasting room at 128 S. Marion St.

The license approved for L’Alberello, Inc., gives a green light for the company to open Anfora, which will sell wine by the bottle and by the glass. 

The proposal by owner Adrian Weisell also was unanimously approved by the Liquor Control Review Board.

Weisell said the shop will serve as a storefront and tasting room. He also plans to hold wine-tasting classes at the location.

“Wine in general, but especially Italian wine, is very complicated,” he said. “I have become somewhat of an expert in it, so the idea is to help educate as well.”

Topics could include the wine of Tuscany, or an exploration into a particular type of grape, he said. 

“The topics are really endless,” he said. “And it’s a way to introduce people (to wine) in a non-threatening way.

“You can buy a book and read it, but then you don’t get to taste it, or you can taste it and not always find the right information, so the idea is to put all that together for people …”

Weissell said the shop also is considering offering finger foods like cheese plates and charcuterie.

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