Life is hard. Sometimes things don’t go your way. Sometimes those setbacks are big and sometimes not so much.

But hey, that doesn’t keep us from pretending the world is coming to an end.

Take parking tickets, for instance. Sometimes you get them. You drive into a parking space at a local garage and blow past the sign that says backing into a parking space is not allowed. 

So what do you do when you get a ticket? Boycott? Never visiting that area ever again? That’ll show ’em. Kill that fly with a hammer.

That’s the suggestion of columnist Phil Luciano, of the Journal Star newspaper in Peoria.

Luciano’s column “Another reason to avoid the Chicago area” laments the grave injustice suffered by Peoria local Vicki Melton, who, gasp, got a $30 parking ticket for backing into a parking space at a village-owned garage. 

Why the rule? Luciano reports it’s so law enforcement can read the license plates in case of an emergency. You see, in some states motorists are not required to have a license plate on the front of their vehicle. 

Cops searching for perps can have a heckuva time trying to locate the offender if vehicles are parked in a way that prevents their plates from being seen. It’s like that in Indiana. 

Perhaps the beef is with Indiana, a state that needs to get it together and start requiring motorists to display plates on both sides of the vehicle and leave our beloved municipal parking lots out of it. 

You got something against catching perps, Luciano?

Timothy Inklebarger

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