It didn’t come without some grousing, but the Oak Park Visitor Center, 1010 Lake St., is closed and its online counterpart finally up and running — and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The village is going through a bit of a tourism renaissance with the recent designation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple as a UNESCO World Heritage site and efforts by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust to build a new visitor and education center adjacent to Wright’s Home & Studio. 

While we were as disappointed as anyone to see the old Visit Oak Park center shuttered, the change was necessary and the use of the $150,000 to keep the facility open, we’re told, will be much better spent for online marketing. 

It’s a changing world and Oak Park needs to be flexible when it comes to new strategies in marketing the village.

Visit Oak Park President and CEO Eric Wagner made a tough but necessary decision to close the visitor center and focus on digital marketing. Now they need to prove that the money will be better spent on getting the word out about our fair village. 

We have no doubt there are plenty of great stories to share.

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