I strongly support Sara Spivy for re-election to the District 200 school board. When she told me she was running for D200 in 2015, she said, if elected, her focus would be on equity.

In Sara’s first term on the D200 board, she was instrumental in the following:

passed one of the most progressive gender equity policies in the nation to protect transgender and gender non-binary kids

created the Culture, Climate and Behavior Committee to address disproportionate discipline of African American students 

began restorative justice training at all levels, including the school board

created the first director of equity position this winter.

Sara kept her promise to the voters that she would make her focus working for equity at OPRF. Now we, the voters, must vote for Sara and return her to the D200 board so she can continue the crucial equity work at OPRF in drafting and passing the district’s racial equity policy.

Ms. Jerry Delaney

Oak Park

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