RIVER FOREST – Sedgwick Development’s newest project – simply called RF – at the southwest corner of Lake St and Lathrop Ave is bringing new, luxury, single-level homes to the Village Center area. Besides the convenience of elevators opening directly to each home, secured and heated parking, and on-site restaurant opportunities, RF introduces homeowners to the comforts of single-level living and a maintenance free lifestyle. 

Many River Forest and Oak Park residents were relieved to learn how smooth the transition to single-level condo living truly could be. Any objections to leaving their oversized, 3000-4000 square foot home were quickly squashed after realizing the benefits and opportunities. The inherent design of a single-floor luxury condo makes downsizing easier for people used to 3-4 floors of living. “When you remove 2-3 staircases and 2-3 hallways, it is amazing how much more room you have for space where people actually live and enjoy,” explains Cory Robertson, Director of Developer Services at Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty who is marketing the project. “We have three bedroom, single level condos at RF that are fully-capable of hosting the same, large Thanksgiving dinner you are used to hosting in your 3000 square foot single-family home.”

Frank Vihtelic, who leads the sales effort for Jameson Sotheby’s adds, “The other reality is this: many of the people we meet who say they intend to “downsize” from a big 4000 square foot single-family home, are actually just looking to DIVIDE their space. They want “half” here in River Forest and the other “half” in Naples, Scottsdale, Michigan, or elsewhere. We help people get to where they want to be in 18 months and plan for both.” 

Besides right-sizing for the next stage, new construction condos provide shared maintenance living that is much less expensive than that an old, large single-family home. “Just the minimum monthly maintenance cost of lawn services, leaf raking, weed control, snow removal, security system, pruning, and seasonal planting for a large home around here can be more than $2,000/month,” says Marty Paris, long-time River Forest resident and CEO of Sedgwick Development. “And that is not factoring in the larger maintenance hits that come up regularly like exterior painting, tuck-pointing, chimney repair, roof replacement, driveway resurfacing, holiday lighting, and tree trimming/removal. Depending on the year, that could be another $15,000-$25,000.” By comparison, most of the condos at RF offer large outdoor terraces and total monthly owner maintenance costs of $400-500/month with long-term reserves for larger, future maintenance expenses.

Vihtelic adds there is something even more important than substantial money saved when it comes to reducing maintenance. It’s about reallocating time and effort. He adds, “People that move to new condos are always amazed with the time they now have available to pursue things they love to do, in the places they love to be. Whether they are here year-round or not, there is the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of.”

RF will offer 30 condominiums with 3 to 4 bedrooms plus an office area and large outdoor living room. Direct elevator access and private two car parking available for every home. Pre-construction pricing from $599,900 to $1,499,900. Deliveries are anticipated to begin in Fall 2020. Visit the Sales Center at 7577 W. Lake Street, open daily from 12p to 6pm. Call 312-335-5354 or visit www.RF-LakeStreet.com for more information.

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