Oak Park Brewing Co. – the one located at 155 S. Oak Park Ave. – has had a little bit of a problem since it opened for business in 2016. The local brewpub has been regularly confused with a brewery with the same name in Sacramento, California.

Jim Cozzens, owner of the local Oak Park Brewing Co., which shares its Oak Park Avenue address with Hamburger Mary’s, was relieved to hear that the Sacramento joint is closing its doors.

He said in a telephone interview that he would never wish such a fate on a business – the confusion between the two brewing companies has largely been limited to discrepancies between their hours of operation and misplaced online reviews.

But he said he became more concerned when he learned that the Sacramento operation was closed down temporarily by the local health department in May for a number of serious health code violations.

The Sacramento Bee reported on May 21 that the county health inspector discovered “cockroaches, weevils and dead rodents on multiple visit to the brewery and kitchen.”

“I worried that a lot of people would be confused about that,” Cozzens said.

He said a couple of people have contacted him about the recent announcement that the Sacramento Oak Park Brewing Co. is closing and hopes people don’t mistake the announcement for his restaurant.

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