Every camper made a real teepee during our MakerNature Camp, a partnership between The Little Bits Workshop and the Trailside Museum of Natural History.

Remember when you were a kid, playing outside for endless hours all around the neighborhood…footloose and fancy-free? If you lived near the woods, did you fearlessly build forts or pretend to be in another world where sticks and stones became tools or magical objects?

Now it seems like we’ve erased this kind of activity off our schedules. Kids are often transported from school to home or to activities barely having a chance to be outside to breathe fresh air!

Remember when dads, grandpas or uncles could be found out in the garage tinkering with an engine or building things? Did anyone in your family ever make you a dress, shirt, quilt or knit mittens or a hat for you? These are the memories that drive our MakerNature Camps.

Kids need to be outside and they love to make things. We believe that every child has a creative streak that needs to be nurtured and they need a safe space to play in nature and get a little bit dirty.

The heartbeat behind The Little Bits Workshop

In our American culture there are about two generations who for the most part have quit passing down life skills to their younger generations. Somehow, we’ve busied ourselves to the extent that we’ve become dependent on extremely low cost and unaccountable labor forces to make everything we need.

At The Little Bits Workshop, we are driven by the belief that we need to change and reverse our culture to nurture a love of making. There’s a tremendously powerful feeling of accomplishment for kids to build something useful or wear something that they’ve made. It opens their minds to the fact that there is no limit to what they can create. I’ve personally seen an insatiable need in countless students to be challenged, so we keep raising the bar.

The doors of The Little Bits Workshop opened just over eight years ago, and we’ve had the amazing privilege to teach over 2,000 kids the joy of making. Many have been in our classes continuously for 3-6 years because they LOVE to be challenged by the next creative project that we have planned.

We are not simply trying to keep kids busy and away from electronics, though that is certainly part of it. Our bigger vision is to empower a sense of unlimited possibilities and the realization that hand skills can become a satisfying hobby, an occupation, a small business or even a company. We may be holding the key that some child needs to unlock their future. Or at the very least, the key that releases their creative energy during their entire lifetime. We take this responsibility very seriously and strive to teach kids excellence in everything they make.

Our Afterschool Workshops, Camps and Birthday Parties are a very unique vehicle through which we hope to inspire kids and create a spark between their hearts and hands that empowers them to make a little bit of magic.

Check out our Maker Camps that run June 4 – August 17

Campers will sew clothes, build furniture, go kayaking, do archery, build miniature houses, plant their own garden, fly kites, hike in the woods and learn how to use their hands for a lifetime.

June 4-8, Summer Build a Cottage Camp, ages 7+, 9am-noon
June 11-15, Yard to Table, ages 7-13, 9am-noon
FILLING FAST! June 11-15, Camp Runway, ages 10 plus, 9am-2pm
FULL June 18-22  Backyard Camper, ages 6-13, 9am-3pm  (waitlist)
June 18-22, Jr. Camp Runway. ages 8-9, 9am-noon
June 25-29,  Architectural Mural Camp, ages 9 plus, 9am-noon
June 25-29, Harnessing the Wind and Sun, ages 7 plus, 9am-noon 
July 2,3,5,6, Sew Sweet, ages 6 plus, 9am-noon
July 9-13, Mural Camp:The Butterfly and Beyond, ages 7 plus , 9am-noon
4 spots left July 9-13 Sew Boho, ages 8 plus, 9am-noon
July 16-20, Summer Cottage Camp, ages 7 plus, 9am-noon
July 16-20, Fine Art for the Forest, ages 9-17, 9am-2pm
Calling young artists! Join us for a special camp put on jointly by the Forest Preserves of Cook County and Little Bits Workshop. FREE to talented young artists
July 23-27, Extreme Knit/Crochet, ages 7 plus, 9am-noon
July 23-27, Wood Crafter, ages 8 plus, 9am-noon
July 30-August 3.  Jr. Camp Runway, ages 8 plus, 9am-noon
August 6-10, Camp Runway, ages 10 plus, 9am – 2pm
August 13-17, Paper Mache Magic: Enchanted Castle, ages 6 plus, 9am-noon

For more information contact Liita Forsyth at liita@thelittlebitsworkshop.com or 630-309-1606.
The Little Bits Workshop is located at 411 Park Ave in River Forest. Visit us at thelittlebitsworkshop.com.

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