Trump’s latest one-man trade war on China and the rest of the world should convince any doubters that he is simply unhinged, a loose cannon. Trade wars will mean higher prices for U.S. consumers, damage our credibility in the civilized world, and make enemies we cannot afford to have. China buys more U.S. Government debt instruments than any other country. 

If they felt so inclined, they could cripple our economy by simply not buying T-bills. Our interest rates would skyrocket, which would hurt American consumers with mortgages and car loans, and damage retirees on fixed incomes. Inflation will zoom up. The stock market has already recognized that even a trillion-dollar infusion of tax breaks cannot make up for a deranged president, and when the decline becomes a rout, it will butcher everyone’s 401k, pension, and IRA.

If we lived in a Hitchcock film where the U.S. president was replaced by a foreign agent, this saboteur would behave exactly the way Donald Trump behaves. The only reason Trump has not already been impeached is that the Republicans are willing to let him commit any crimes and even destroy the leadership role of the U.S. in the world because he is willing to sign whatever legislation they put in front of him. He will let them cut taxes on the rich and on corporations, causing trillions more in new debt. He will let them abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid that we have all paid into our entire working lives. He will let them outlaw freedom of speech, homosexuality, women’s rights, labor unions, minimum wages, child labor laws, abortion, victimless crimes, and freedom of religion. He will let them require school teachers to carry automatic weapons. He will let them legislate racist intolerance. 

Trump the Saboteur has fired half the civil servants who keep the government running without anyone realizing who they are. He listens to no one. He has no expert advisors. He gets all of his information from Fox News and Breitbart ravings. Our Idiot King sits in his golden bed, tweeting out policy for the greatest nation in the world, without a shred of self-awareness, human decency, compassion, or any conception of what the impact of his royal edicts will be.

Will our nation survive until the next election? Is there anything Trump could do that would cause the Republicans to censure him? It is hard to imagine what could be worse than wrecking the U.S. economy, colluding with a foreign enemy nation to steal a U.S. election, abusing dozens of women and bragging about it, insulting every foreign leader except his idol Putin, appointing his family to powerful positions in our government, using his presidency to extort money from political visitors to his golf course resorts. 

Perhaps if he starts a nuclear war with North Korea? I fear our future is in the hands of Republicans, and they will let our country go straight to hell before they will admit the obvious.

Tom DeCoursey is a resident of Oak Park.

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