Oak Park has maintained high standards for both home and business buildings since I moved here in 1985. Homeowners are given citations when the grass is too high or their stairs aren’t painted. Business buildings have their own department, Business Center, which is supposed to oversee the conditions of all Oak Park buildings. So why is the Midas building, at the corner of Ridgeland and North Avenue, exempt from this standard? It is a building right on the gateway into Oak Park. 

I spoke with Business Center, and I was told it’s difficult to get them to fix the building because they are corporately owned and they don’t respond. Because of this, Midas gets away with a decrepit building: the iron bars over the windows on Ridgeland are rusted, the roof is unsightly, broken windows are taped over. 

As a building visitors see when they enter Oak Park, how is this allowed? Years ago, Thyme and Honey was cited for having a sign with the wrong colors. Midas’ main signage is rusted and most of the letters have fallen off, leaving only a few letters which have no meaning.

What does it take for Oak Park Business Services to do their job? Are we hostage to the corporate dismissal of our rules? What does it take for them to use their golden touch on their own building? 

Allen Green

Oak Park

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