The 33rd Infantry Division of the Illinois National Guard was once based in nearby Maywood. After America entered WWII, the 33rd infantry division would be merged into Company “B” of the 192nd Tank Battalion, which would go on to face the infamous Bataan Death March.

The 192nd Tank Battalion was responsible for providing cover for the nearly 80,000 troops who had withdrawn into Bataan, a province of the Philippines, after the Japanese attacked and invaded Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. When the Japanese subsequently invaded Bataan several months later, many of the men from the 192nd would suffer the indignities of the 70 mile-long march. Eighty-nine men from Maywood’s Company B, or Bravo, left the United States for the Philippines during World War II. Only 43 would return.

The Maywood Bataan Day Organization will celebrate the legacy of those men during the 73rd Annual Maywood Bataan Day Memorial. The ceremony will be held on Sunay, Sept. 13 at Maywood’s Veteran’s Memorial Park, 1st Avenue and Oak Street. The program starts at 3 p.m.

Guests will include the Philippine Consul General in Chicago. 

Michael Romain

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