The Oak Park School District 97 Board of Education has released preliminary concept designs of its new administration building to be located at 260 Madison St. The plans were drafted by the architectural firm STR Partners and are based on rough budget projections. 

The 22,100-square-foot building’s exterior would feature textured brick and stone patterns, colored and fritted glass, wood imitation longboards and an architectural overhang. 

Inside, the main lobby and meeting center would feature recessed exhibition cases, accented wood paneling, vinyl flooring and a plenty of wall space to feature student artwork. 

Throughout discussions on the new administration building, the board has emphasized its desire for the facility to be student-focused. In the building design update packet, the conceptual designs of the board room, lobby, registration and main stairway areas are headed, “Celebration of Students,” with space along the walls and soffits and glass panels to exhibit student creations.   

According to a district summary, the new administration building would have a 50-year useful life; would allow for “major new development” on the site of the existing 970 Madison St. administrative building, which the village of Oak Park is planning to purchase and combine with the Robinson’s Ribs property “to create an enhanced redevelopment opportunity” and broaden the tax base; and would be built with “major oversight and guidance” from community stakeholders and the district’s Facilities Advisory Committee.


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