Monday was the start of school in District 97 and an unusually hot day, with temps in the 90s — unusual, given that this summer has been pretty mild and rainy, including periodic storms on Monday. 

Last year, during the first week of school, temps were also in the 90s and slightly above. The district got dinged hard by some parents upset about their kids sitting in hot classrooms. Over the summer, some schools got new heating and cooling units, which included temperature-monitoring control sensors in the classrooms. The district also instituted an excessive-heat emergency plan and protocols. 

D97 spokesperson Chris Jasculca said those protocols were implemented on Monday, which includes frequent water breaks for teachers and students, and rotating kids into cooler portions of the building during the school day. Portable air-conditioning units were also deployed in the hotter classrooms, Jasculca said. 

Temps the rest of this week were predicted to be not as hot as Monday, though Friday is expected to reach the upper 80s.

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