Photos by David Pierini/Staff Photographer

Naila Towne, a CPA, made Oak Park her home 2 and a half years ago. She’s been married to her husband Oscar, a natural gas storage trader for over 8 years. She is an avid genealogist and loves to take walks, ride bikes and visit the Oak Park parks with her kids. Naila’s youngest two attend pre-k programs with the Park District of Oak Park. She loves the program and so do Owen and Nyah – it’s flexible and “they really make school fun for the kids.” Naila is also a Girl Scout leader at her son’s school. When Oscar entered Kindergarten fellow parents were looking for help to get a troop started. She jumped on board. Naila plans to help start another troop when her daughter starts kindergarten next year.

Naila: Cotton cobalt dress. Takara, Oak Park Artisan beaded necklace. Takara, Oak Park

Oscar: Reversible navy shorts & collared emblem shirt made with bamboo, Fore. Sugar Cup Traders, Oak Park

Owen: Soft cotton car polo & boardwalk pants, Zutan. Sugar Cup Traders, Oak Park

Nyah: Spring floral cotton dress with bubble skirt, Elaine Et Lena. Sugar Cup Traders, Oak Park

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