Nala - A wonderful cat companion that is also dog-friendly.

Hi there.  My name is Nala and I was transferred to ACL from another shelter.  Basically that means I’ve been around the block, so to speak.  How did I survive?  As a not-so-common “torbie” – part tabby, part tortoiseshell  – I still somehow manage to fit in anywhere.  Except, perhaps with other felines.  That gives me the curious distinction of being what people call a “One and Only.”

I can’t fully explain why, but I don’t do well with other cats.  Cats, kittens, male, female, docile, spunky.  They’ve tried.  I’ve tried.  Let’s call the whole thing off, as people say.  When it comes to dogs, though, I’m really good with my canine pals.

Yes, it makes me different.  But it also makes me very special and I can say the same is true for the other One and Onlys (OAO’s) in residence at Animal Care League.

You have to admit, we’re an eclectic bunch.  Kerry and Annie – the longest residents – are verifiable sweethearts.  We talk and try to remember when was the last time anyone spent 15 or 10 minutes just trying to get our vibe.  I challenge even the most ardent cat lover to tell us that life is only about a fake mouse and sleeping in a “kitten pack.”  Sigh.  Sometimes life is more sophisticated than that.

So, the people at ACL have decided to launch a special promotion for a special group of kitties.  From now until August 31st, all OAOs have an adoption fee of $40, which covers our vaccinations, microchip, and S/N surgery.  We’ll also be popping up on Facebook to say “Hi” and giving you updates on this blog.

We hope you’ll celebrate National Adoption Weekend with Animal Care League.  And if I’m otherwise engaged, feel free to drop my name: N-A-L-A. 

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