A taxpayer has reason to expect decent police services in a crisis, a capable fire-fighting force in an emergency, that the garbage will be collected, that the streets, while not all perfectly smooth, will be, at least, passable.

To that list we’d add the expectation that, even in a heavy storm, there is a sewer system capable of carrying torrents of water away from one’s house and not park it temporarily in our basements.

This area has been plagued by enormous rains the past two summers. Most hard hit has been the northeast corner of Oak Park where backed-up sewers have caused damage and despair. Now the village board is considering a plan to gradually subsidize mechanical fixes for homeowners who ante up half of the roughly $10,000 cost of the repairs.

If the village can’t or won’t invest in the infrastructure to repair the problem fully, we’re content as taxpayers to see this subsidy move ahead.

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