Downslide: The home Village Manager Tom Barwin rented across the street from Barrie Park was recently sold by the village.File 2007/FRANK PINC

Updated Nov. 22, 2011 2:45 p.m.

The Village of Oak Park is selling its top administrator’s former home, and doing so at a 24 percent loss.

After five years at the top of village hall, the two-bedroom, two-bath house which Village Manager Tom Barwin has been renting went on the market in August. The home, located on the 1000 block of South Lombard, has long been owned by village hall.

Trustees approved the sale in a 5-0 vote on Monday, with two members absent.

Barwin has been renting the home since April 2008 (most recently at $1,300 a month). It was supposed to be a temporary fix until he sold his former home in Michigan, but the economy tanked and selling his house took much longer than originally anticipated.

Realtor Molly Surowitz said in August that the village was hoping to fetch $300,000, after first buying the home for $341,722 in 2004. But according to village documents, Oak Park is selling the home for $83,322 less, at $258,500, to Cory and Mechelle Wesley.

Oak Park is also throwing in $30,000 in loans and grants ($7,500 paid by ComEd) as part of a program started several years ago when adjacent Barrie Park was undergoing massive environmental remediation. Some 100 homes in the neighborhood were eligible for the program, and more than 90 took advantage, according to the village.

This was the last of six homes bought by the village in 2004 to be resold as part of the Barrie Park Buyout Program. Some 30 properties were eligible.

In a phone interview Monday, Barwin said he’ll miss south Oak Park, but he’s excited to explore a different part of the village. He’s currently living in an “undisclosed bunker,” he joked, that he’s renting near Chicago and Harlem avenues.

When he originally started with the village in 2006, Barwin said he hoped to put in at least five years. But after the move, he’s unsure how his future will unfold in Oak Park.

“The way it is around here, you just try to get through a day or a week at a time,” he said.

The original documents for the sale said the proceeds would go toward creating an energy fund and offsetting cuts to the Community Development Block Grant program. But Barwin told trustees the money would just be lumped into Oak Park’s 2012 budget and not used for any specific programs.

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