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With parking at a premium at the new Oak Park Walgreens, 801-811 Madison, is looking for a little relief.

The drug store chain is working feverishly to build a second parking lot across the street on Grove, a company spokesman confirmed. The plot of land was originally supposed to be the site of a mixed-use condo building, with retail space on the ground floor. With the burst of the housing bubble, however, the lot has been sitting vacant.

The same developer who oversaw the building of the new Walgreens has purchased the lot and is fashioning it into a parking lot, according to Village Planner Craig Failor.

“They’re finding that people are parking on the streets, and they don’t want to overcrowd the neighborhood with cars,” Failor said.

Robert Elfinger, a spokesman for Walgreens, said they’ll add about 25 spots with the new parking lot. They’re working now to install the concrete surface, along with small brick walls on the outskirts and some plants. He expects the lot to be up and running by the end of November.

In addition, the retailer is applying to the village to start selling liquor at its Madison Street location, along with the one on Roosevelt just west of Ridgeland. The chain previously sold liquor on Roosevelt, and the company has been bringing back such products at many of its outposts.

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