Two months after they adopted an ordinance to allow red light cameras to be installed in the village, the River Forest Village Board approved an agreement Tuesday night with Safe Speed, Inc. to administer the program.

Trustee Susan Conti was the only one to vote against the cameras. Catherine Adduci abstained, based on her husband’s role as a lobbyist for a red light camera vendor.

Saying she sounded like a “broken record,” Conti told the rest she continued to oppose the measure.

“I don’t believe traffic infractions in River Forest justify them,” she said, adding she didn’t believe other options had been thoroughly explored.

Aducci agreed, saying she would’ve voted no. The cameras don’t have a place in the village, she said.

Pending approval by the Illinois Department of Transportation, cameras will be installed at Lake Street and Harlem Avenue, North Avenue and Harlem Avenue, and Thatcher Avenue and North Avenue, according to the two-year agreement. The term begins when the first violation is issued, and there will be an option for one-year renewals.

After installation, Safe Speed will follow up with a 30-day trial period. It’s up to the village whether to distribute warning tickets, but no fines will be imposed. Following the trial period, motorists will pay $100 per violation.

The village will be responsible for reviewing video and photographic evidence within 10 days of receiving it and determining whether a violation occurred.

Each LED traffic signal upgrade will cost $22,908 and be covered within the first year by violation revenue. Costs may be financed over 12 months with payment deducted in 12 equal installments from violation fine payments made to the village.

The contractor will get monthly fees from a combination of maintenance, repair and violation processing per system, and payment processing fees.

Safe Speed will withhold a portion of the revenue to cover those fees, and the village will receive anything left over. If the system doesn’t produce enough revenue in a given month, the village won’t have to pay.

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