The Village of Oak Park is looking for feedback from its citizens as it works to craft a budget for 2012.

Residents can now post visible comments on next year’s spending plan, along with the ability to submit anonymous input, which was launched last year. Residents will also be able to comment at several upcoming budget meetings, the next one planned for Oct. 20 at village hall, 123 Madison.

“We certainly know that we don’t have the market cornered by any way, shape or form on good ideas,” Barwin said. “In fact, many people think we have the market cornered on bad ideas. So the more input, the better. If we see trends or examples of programs or initiatives that should be considered or eliminated, all of that is constructive and helpful.”

Dave Powers, the village’s communications director, said residents will need to log in to participate, and he hoped to integrate Facebook into that process. He hopes to have that feature up and running on Wednesday, with plans to promote it through the village’s Twitter feed, Facebook page and email list. The village hopes to start conversations about the budget through those social media channels.

The budget and comment features are posted on village hall’s website at

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