What were waves of people doing crowded around a long-unoccupied building on Oak Park Avenue Tuesday morning?

Actually, the 70 or so contractors and tradesmen who showed up at 126-134 Oak Park Ave. were there for a pre-bid meeting, to size up the two-story building, according to Township Supervisor David Boulanger.

The township bought the property for $650,000 earlier this year, and plans to invest another $1 million or so to revamp the building and turn it into a new senior center. Boulanger said the township recently asked contractors to bid on the project, and Tuesday morning was a chance for them to case the joint and ask any questions they might have.

Construction companies have until 3 p.m., Sept. 27, to submit their bids, and the township plans to unseal them immediately after. Boulanger said the township’s board then expects to meet that night to set a maximum price for the project.

The township will choose who is going to do the work from the three lowest qualified bidders, and hopes that the work will start by the end of October.  

“We’re eager to see what the bill is going to be,” Boulanger said.

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