Rep. LaShawn Ford (D-8th) held a community forum on the West Side 10 days ago on the hot-button topic of “conceal and carry.” We reported that more than 200 people turned out, and the West Side audience was decidedly in favor of Illinois changing its laws to allow citizens to arm themselves in the normal course of a day’s activities.

Ford has since said that he will now have to reconsider his stance on the issue because of the overwhelming support it received in the one forum. Our suggestion to Ford, who is one of our favorite local legislators, is that he hold a second forum on the same topic but that he shift the location to the other side of Austin Boulevard. If Oak Parkers could organize to keep the NRA from packing the crowd (yes, we have our suspicions) then we expect the representative would get a different earful on this subject.

Yes, the momentum is all on the side of the NRA and its Supreme Court backers at this moment. It doesn’t make them right. It just makes them the majority of the moment.

Guns kill people. Often innocent people. Often young people without a clue or a path. Adding more gun mayhem to our society is the wrong path and will add more pain to more lives.

Rep. Ford should listen to the message most Oak Parkers would send before he settles this issue in his mind.

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