Carlo Cooper

An Oak Park dad-turned-standup-comedian is performing in the Big Apple Wednesday night, and is looking for an audience.

Carlo Cooper, 41, was born and raised in Oak Park and came back to raise a family about six years ago. He says he grew up listening to Richard Pryor, Steve Martin and Bill Cosby, and always had a knack for making people laugh.

Back in 1997, he took classes at Second City, where Tina Fey was one of his teachers before she became a head writer on Saturday Night Live. Cooper said he left standup for a while, but picked back up again a few years ago. Most of his material, he said, focuses on marriage, kids (he has three) and “life in general.”

He’s been doing shows once a month lately, mostly at Cigars and Stripes, 6715 W. Ogden Ave., in Berwyn. His next show there is on Saturday, Sept. 3. Check out his YouTube channel here. Cooper reached out to Wednesday Journal last week, asking for help promoting his show in New York, Aug. 17 at 9:30 p.m. at the Gotham Comedy Club.

“Need support in NY!” Cooper emailed last week. “I’m an Oak Park comedian performing at Gotham Comedy Club in New York and only know two people there! Don’t get out much, have three kids!”

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