Don’t be surprised if the next time you see Spider-Man, he happens to be in Oak Park.

The web crawler’s battle against a super villain, the Lizard, in this month’s issue takes place at One Stop Comics, 111 S. Ridgeland, according to owner Rick Manzella. A variant cover of Spider-Man No. 666 coming out today is emblazoned with a picture of the owner standing in front of his Oak Park storefront.

Manzella said Marvel Comics offered the personalized cover to stores if they bought 500 copies, along with 75 of the standard cover. His shop doesn’t seem to be specifically pictured or mentioned on the inside, though a guy does run out of a retail store at one point and hands Spider-Man a sports drink.

“If it’s supposed to be me, it doesn’t really look like me,” Manzella said.

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