Jassen Strokosch

Missing Oak Park parent Jassen Strokosch, who had not been seen since early Wednesday morning has been found alive, and is at a local hospital, according to reports on the Facebook page his family and friends set up to help the search effort. Nancy Guarino, who headed up the search effort for the 39-year-old Oak Parker, has also confirmed that he has been found.

“It’s confirmed. It’s absolutely confirmed,” she said. She did not comment further. 

Oak Park police also confirmed that Strokosch has been found and said that they will be releasing a bulletin shortly, but would not provide any additional information.

Dan Regan posted the following message shortly after 5:30 p.m. Friday on the Facebook group created to organize the search effort,

“Jassen is alive and has been found. Laurent called me moments ago. He is at a local hospital and Jamie has spoken with him. We don’t know any more at the moment, we will inform you all of more details as we get them. But he is alive and OK.”

Wednesday Journal will have additional news as more information becomes available.

Terry Dean and Graham Johnston contributed to this report.

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